Total Avenger

Total Avengers

We create open-source software for the whole galaxy, but we're mostly focused on Earth right now.

We are experts in Total.js platform and we offer modern and helpful web solutions.

We have experience with creating modern and beautiful web apps with reusable UI components.

We have created a lot of various projects and we have experiencies with many cases.

Trust us, we love honest work with awesome ideas. We guarantee brutal quality

We are Total.js Avengers and our mission is to create a better and greener   world

Do you want to code something awesome? We are ready to help you, just contact us.

Our mission to simplify life

We create open-source solutions built on Node.js platform and Total.js platform.

Total.js Support

We offer support services for our open-source projects and entire Total.js platform.


We are implementator of OpenPlatform and we create custom OpenPlatform apps.

Internet of Things

We are implementator of Total.js Flow, Dashboard and Flowboard.


We are implementator of Total.js CMS and we perform custom modifications.


We are implementator of Total.js Eshop and we perfom custom modifications.

Modules & UI Components

We can create Node.js modules and UI components by your needs.

Total and Modern Web Solutions for everyone

Are you interested?

Just contact us if you are interested. We can send you our references.

Total Avengers s.r.o.
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