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We create high-performance software with innovative technology optimised to provide an exceptional user experience!

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Experienced professionals

We are professionals with a strong background in client/server-side development.

Years of experience

Our developers have years of experience in software development.

Stable technologies

We only use our own stable technology because we know it is reliable, we call it the Total.js Platform.

Focused on open-source

We are focused on creating user-friendly open-source applications.

Great open-source apps

We want to know what you think! Try our open-source apps and leave us feedback.

Great support

We offer reliable technical support through our broad assortment of products and libraries.

Total.js Flow

Visual Programming interface for everything
Total.js Flow

Cloud Development

Try our rapid cloud development with Total.js Platform
Rapid cloud development


We are currently looking for new partners! Join us to benefit from new development opportunities with an already secure group of developers.

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We are open to innovative research and development activities involving both corporations and government organisations.

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Interested in contributing to our mission? We are open for investments to fund the creation of innovative new products for our platform.

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Main maintainer for Total.js Platform

We are the main maintance for Total.js Platform. Total.js Platform is a JavaScript platform designed for the creation of rich Web applications, Real-time applications, REST services, E-commerce, Intranet applications and much more. It has server-side and client-side solutions for rapid development. Our company builds all applications on Total.js Platform.

    Main maintener for Total.js Platform

    Big experiences

    We’ve created many web applications for varying customers. We’ve also designed an ever-growing list of applications: E- commerce applications, Web applications, REST services, Intranet applications, Device management, Data Collectors for Internet of Things, Portals and much more.

    Big experiences

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    IT conference CodeCon

    We organise one of the largest IT conferences in our home country of Slovakia (EU), called CodeCon. Over 400 developers from multiple IT countries participate each year. CodeCon is the essence of developer to developer actions.

    IT conference CodeCon


    Total Avengers s.r.o.
    Have you interested with our services or Total.js platform? Contact us for more information.
    Technical support
    Do you have any technical questions/problem with our applications or platform? Let us know.